All new features to the social media: facebook,whatsapp,instagram

As we know facebook has recently launched it`s video conference mode. Which has the support to combine 50 people. As, well as whatsapp and instagram also featured their pages . Here we go…..


*Facebook has implemented its new feature that is video conference . And has the capability of 50 members at a time. This call can be created additionally with the messenger also.. Every one can participate if they have a facebook account or otherwise a messenger account.

*And also facebook updated a new feature to know the status of the dangerous disease COVID19. By this we can get the information of the virus. We can know how many cases are there in our state or all over the world. And also we can know the reports of the COVID19 victims data.

*And facebook have taken an initial step that is “SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS” with this we can have a contact between our neighbourhood shops. And also facebook have added some stickers and hashtags.


*Whatsapp have made a small change in the video conference. Now whatsapp is allowing upto 8 participants at a time. At first it have allowed only 4 participants. But now it is allowing 8 participants into the conference.

*STICKER PACKAGES: whatsapp have added some of the stickers of the COVID19 and also the¬† lockdown stickers. “STAY HOME STAY SAFE” and also some other stickers.





*All the stickers of the facebook are also launched in the instagram too. Whenever a person takes this sticker and add to their story these are clubbed and comes under ” STICKER STORY ON INSTAGRAM” , to allow the users to identify and support the small business around them.

*As we are using the instagram in the mobile phones instagram has allowed to use the page in the pc and also in the laptop.

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