[easy method] How to block someone on twitch

Well, we all are more interested in the gaming world. And here comes the most prominent gaming platform named “twitch.” So as we know, we all have that annoying person who will irritate us in the gaming mood. Many people make irritate us by the messages in the live stream. We want to ignore them. But, How??. Here is the tutorial about how to block a person who is making more irritating to us.

Directly moving to the topic.

How to block a person on the twitch platform.?

Here is the step by step process which makes you feel easier for blocking a person on the twitch platform

Open www.twitch.com on your browser or on your android device application [doesn’t matter. It is a pc or mobile].

On the top right, you will find the login button.

You must log in because then only you will be able to block from your account.[don’t skip this method]

Now you have to open your live stream channel which you want to watch

 How to block someone on twitch

Now you will find the chat on the right side of your live channel stream

Now you have to click on the username, which makes you irritate with annoying chat.

Now you will find a user profile interface. Now you have to click on the three dots present on the top right side of the user profile.

Now you will find the option “Block-username.”

  • You have to click on that “Block-username.”

Now you will get a popup displayed as confirmation that “block”.

  • Now you have to confirm that the red “Block” button.

And done, there is no step 9.


We are interested in watching twitch. Never matter that someone in the chat is making annoying messages.


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