[Easy method]How to clear clipboard android

Want to clear the clipboard??. Here is the most irritating popup known as a clipboard. Whenever you type a message in your chats, you will find the popup ‘clipboard.’ With this, we are irritated because we can lose the interest in sending the messages. So, in this tutorial, we can discuss how to clear the clipboard in android.

A clipboard is an option that stores the data when we are copying any text. The text is stored in the clipboard and getting up to the mark.

So, it is necessary to clear the clipboard. So let’s start the tutorial.

How to clear clipboard android

These are the step by step process to clear the clipboard.

  1. At first, you have to go to offline messages.
  2. And next, you have to click on ” create a new message.”
  3. And next long press on the “Enter message section.”
  4. You will find the popup “Clipboard.”¬†Click on that
  5. Next, you will find the¬†“Delete all”¬†option
  6. And next, your clipboard will be deleted.


From now you will be able to delete the clipboard with tips of ease.

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