[easy method]How to fix google play services keeps stopping

Google play store is the most rated application for downloading Android applications. As we know, we all have an issue that google play store will not respond and causes to stop the services.

Here we have the top most methods to overcome this fix.

Your question is that why my play store isn’t responding??

google play services keeps stopping

Yes, there would be many reasons for these questions.

  • May be your android device is poor in condition
  • Not clearing the cache
  • Not updating the store

And so many other reasons. Now we will know about how to overcome this situation.

Method -1, Clear the data and the cache on the google play services

  1. Move to the settings, And then move to the apps section.
  2. And then move to the google play store
  3. And then clear data and also clear the cache.
  4. You should now reswitch the mobile.
  5. And done, might this method works for you. If not move to method 2

Method -2, Update the google play services app

  1. At first, move to the app store.
  2. And then move to the “settings” in that app store.
  3. And then click “Auto updates.”
  4. Just try to reconnect to the network. By enabling the “airplane mode” and turning off
  5. And done!!


Conclusion:- Now you will be able to access the google play store without any errors occurring.

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