[solved]Fix instagram”instagram not refreshing” bug

Your Instagram not refreshing, right?? . Many of the people are facing the same issue. This would be many reasons. But here we are going to display what causes the error Instagram refresh bug.

Yes, this would be the most challenging question!!

These errors cause by the several bugs by the application or with the connection. So, let’s check the more possibilities which make this bug.

instagram not refreshing

  • Your application is not up-to-date
  • You haven’t cleared the cache
  • You have a poor internet connection

because of these errors instagram couldn’t refresh feed.

So, let’s check for resolving these bugs.


Maybe you are using an outdated application, which may cause the error.

Steps to follow to overcome this error

  1. Move to the play store section
  2. Next, type “Instagram” in the search
  3. Next, open the “Instagram” section
  4. Check if the app is updated or not
  5. If not, update it

This is the solution for the first bug.

This error may also cause when you have not cleared the cache. Follow the below steps.

  1. Move to the “Settings” section
  2. Next, move to the “Applications” section
  3. Next, search for the app “Instagram”.
  4. Next clear the cache and the data.

This is the solution for the second bug. Now let’s move to the third bug.

This process doesn’t have steps. Because it is depended on your internet connection.

Why did it cause?

  • Maybe your wifi is connected with so many other devices
  • you are using a 2G or 3G network

What to do to overcome

  • Try to use good wifi internet connection [ 40 Mbps: recommended]
  • Try to update your sim card to 4G network [Make possible to prefer 5G ]

Conclusion:- These are the only ways to do from your side; if it is a problem from you

  • The important thing is that it maybe couldn’t refresh the Instagram, When Instagram is in staging or server down[This may cause because to get the new update of Instagram in the future]


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