how to change reddit username

Want to change your Reddit username?? . This is the most challenging question on google right now. You were having a prob with your username because maybe you have given a standard username so that you can customize next.

But in my answers, it is the wrong way!

We can’t customize our Reddit username. But!. You can create a new username with signup again.

You can restart it by fresh signup. Let’s check how to do it!!

how to change Reddit username

  • First, move to your Reddit browser.
  • And next, You have to logout of your existing account.
  • And next, click on the signup button on the top right corner.
  • Next, add your email address And click next.
  • Now you can add your preferred username and password and click the signup button
  • And you are done!!

Caution “

Deactivating your Reddit account cannot change your username.

#sujjested youtube video


So, before trying to create a Reddit account, please make sure that to select your preferred username

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