How to delete comments from instagram post through iOS

How to delete unwanted comments from instagram post via iOS

Recently instagram is planning to be actively working on the new featured platform to make a positive place for insta users. It has been releasing the feature for reducing bullying on the site. As well as it is releasing in iOS platform.Instagram is trying to make helpful to the users.

As users have dought that how many comments can be removed in a post?. Yah here we go, A user can delete 25 comments at a time. For deleting the bulk comments in iOS follow the step by step process.

How to delete bulk comments in instagram on iOS

1.At first open the instagram in your iphone.

2.Now take a post in which you want to delete bulk comments.

3.And single tap on the comment that you want to delete.

4.We will get the three dot option in the top-right corner. Now tap on the three dots.

5.And it will provide some options , select “manage comments”.

6.And here you can select upto 25 comments that you want to delete.

7.Choose “delete” option.

8.Tap on the “delete comments” to apply the action on the comments.


Instagram also allowed this option on the iOS platforms. And if the feature is not visible then move to app store section to update…

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