How to enable reddit dark mode

How to enable Reddit dark mode.

Everyone here are in love with the dark mode experience. Here, we all require to be enhancing the “nightmode”. 

We know that Reddit is the most popular website, and also we are using it to find some more important information in it. So, here brings the all-new dark mode, which is named as “Nightmode” By Reddit.

Here, we go by the following steps, which we are going to enable the all-new excited darkmode. So, here is the step by step process to get further joy with Reddit…

Step by step process of how to enable the reddit darkmode.

  1. At first, you have to move to your Reddit and log into it
  2. And next, move to the top right corner and click the profile option.
  3. As you have a click on the profile option, you will find an option named as “Night mode”
  4. And your next step will be to enable the option.
  5. And here we go!!! . You have successfully completed your task.

Why use darkmode??

how to enable darkmode in reddit

All apps and websites are completing to import a feature Darkmode. This is because they want to make the user experience better when it is in the nightfall too. At the darker stage of the environment, user cannot enhance the content because of the white screen. This may cause eye effects and so. 

So, many apps and websites are using dark mode because they don’t even want to lose a good experience from the user.


So, here we are to say you that user should must and should enable the dark mode, which feature is provided by the application and as well as websites. So, As well as reddit dark mode is also designed by reddit because of this theory



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