How to make smooth stone in minecraft [Easy Method]

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

Okay, here we are going to explore How to make smooth stone in minecraft. All about the ease, we will be able to make easy, smooth stone in minecraft. 

As we know, smooth stones are more important to get further construction development. Yes, all about constructing is harder. Cobblestone is one of the most used stone. Okay, hereafter, this tutorial, you will be ease to build stones without any matter.

Before moving to the tutorial, you have to get an idea that you have to get some of the materials to construct it.

  1. Stone
  2. Coal
  3. Furnace

If you have no idea about it, don’t get worried. Here is the step by step process to know how to get the materials and how to build a smooth stone in minecraft.

1.Getting a cobblestone.

We all know that cobblestone is the most used stone in minecraft. At first, we have to get that stone, and then next, we have to do some stuff to get a smooth stone. So, at first, we have to get a cobblestone. For crafting a furnace, we have to get cobblestone. And then we are going to refine that.

2.Next to get the coal.

Coal!! . You know that coal is the source that you can even get everywhere in the Minecraft sessions. And that is the main source to get the furnace to get into the phase. You have to find the blocks which have black specs. Which contains coal. And, Done!!. You will get the coal.

3.Build the furnace from now.

You need about eight cobblestone blocks in the crafting menu. For the furnace, we all know that we have to leave the middle order to complete the furnace process. So, here we are going to leave the middle one of the blocks to complete the furnace process without any quires.

4.Building up cobblestone into stone

After building the furnace, Your next step is to put some good sources of energy. What to have a good source of energy..!!? Your question, right??. All we know that coal is a good energy source for the furnace to make further.

So, we have to collect some coal and put it in the bottom of the furnace. And the top section is left blank!!. Now fill that blank with your cobblestone, which we had in the past. And next after that, you will find that in between there will be fire. And yup!! you have turned cobblestone into stone

5. last step!!!. furnace again to turn previous stone to smooth stone. 


You have to do the same process, which we have done in step 4. Again we have to make further furnace which changes the stone into the smooth stone. And done!! We have done the process.


And here, at last, we have made the smooth stone with the help of furnace, stone, and coal.

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