how to unfollow on twitch

Here comes the question of “How to unfollow on twitch.” Yeah!!, We are supposed to unfollow a profile because we are unwanted to it. You will get spam notification if you follow a streamer and which cause annoying to us. As we know, twitch is one of the biggest platforms in the streaming community.

As we know, we need the best option ever. What to do with the other??

As we don’t want to get the notification of the particular streamer or the user, we need to unfollow them.

So here comes the question. Let’s check the solution for this. And try to unfollow the user or the streamer

Follow these steps to know how to unfollow on twitch.

  1. At first, login into your twitch account
  2. And then you have to move to your following lists
  3. And you have to search which channel you want to unfollow
  4. And then click on that profile
  5. You will find “Heart symbol”  on the screen [on the bottom side (or) beside the profile name]
  6. Next, you have to click on that heart button and next click “unfollow.”

Let’s check how to turn off the notification of the particular stream.

  1. You have to do the same process of the method-1
  2. You will find an option beside the “heart” symbol
  3. And next, you can click on that and off the notification of the particular streamer.

And done, you have completed this tutorial.


We have an interest in some of the excellent content creators which are likely to us. And maybe some of the channels we have blindly subscribed. And by this, spam notifications will make us irritate.

This is common to every user. Then what to do is!!!!


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