how to view saved jobs on linkedin

As, we know Linkedin is the biggest platform, Where we can build our platform and also build up the career. So, here we are building up our profile, And we can get a job based on our profile

So, we are going to save the jobs which we are able to do it. And after saving, what next??

Here comes the question.

After researching and we are going to save particular jobs and want to apply for it. But where do you find your researched saved jobs?. So, this tutorial will be based on where we can able to find the saved jobs which were held by LinkedIn. So, let’s start the tutorial.

how to view saved jobs on LinkedIn

Steps to be followed:-

*These steps are applicable only when you have previously saved jobs

  1. At first, you have to move to your LinkedIn login and login to your profile
  2. And then you will find an option named “Jobs” top bar.
  3. Just click on that.
  4. And next, you will find “Track my jobs” on the top left section
  5. And click on that. And next, you have to move to your “Saved” option, which is displayed on the middle-left top bar

And done now, you will find your saved jobs that you want to apply within your interest.

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Conclusion:-┬áAnd upon your interest, you can save more jobs, and next you can apply for those jobs and build a great career in LinkedIn ­čÖé

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