how to watch deleted youtube videos

Oh!! Youtube video has been deleted!!. No worries. You can even watch the video with the methods which we are about to discuss. Users may delete the videos, but if the viewer wants to see that! How ! about. It is easy way you can find deleted youtube videos

Let’s check the two different methods to get the deleted youtube video.

  • You can get the video with “URL”
  • You can even get the video without “URL”

Let’s move with these two methods.

Steps to be followed:-

  1. First login to your youtube channel
  2. Tap on the information of the deleted video and get the URL
  3. Now paste the URL in “” search bar

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4.And now click on browse history

5.Now you will get the information of the video [note it: you cant view it]

6.Now, Your step is to download the video

After downloading, you can view, or you can re-upload in your youtube channel

how to watch deleted youtube videos

You can even get the information of the deleted video when you have no URL with you. Let’s check how it is possible.

This is a tricky method to do!!

  1. Move to the “google search engine.”
  2. Next type as given ” video’s name” in the search bar[If google gets any information from social media, it will be diaplayed]
  3. After getting the information of the URL, You have to move for the first method.

After getting the URL, you have to continue with method-1

Conclusion:- No need to be worried if you lost the youtube video, Because

  • Google will crawl “,” And your data will be stored
  • Your videos are indexed by the social media, So you can easily get the URL


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