[Fixed] Middle mouse button not working

[Fixed] Middle mouse button not working.


Are you facing with the problem of your mouse??. Yeah!!! this will be the end. Yes you are not able to scroll down or scroll up when you are in the webpage. This makes more irritated right?. In this tutorial i am going to clear the issue which you are facing and which makes you more annoying. So, lets get started the tutorial.

Steps to be followed [solution-1]

  1. At first move to the search section in your windows and search “mouse”
  2. Left click on it. And you will be directed to the mouse setting in your settings page
  3. And then you will find “Mouse” settings displayed on your PC
  4. And next you will find the option called “Additional mouse settings” in “Related settings” section
  5. And you will find a new tab named as “Mouse properties”.
  6. You have to select the option which is in the header section and which is named as “wheel”.
  7. Make sure that “vertical scrolling” and “horizontal scrolling” is set to 3 and 3


Facing same issue?

Make sure that you are hardware section in the mouse properties tab is arranges as below.

middle button mouse not working


And done you will be cleared with the step

Still facing problem??. Then you have to move to further [solution-2]

[solution 2 ] Reinstall your mouse drivers.

  1. At first move to the windows search and type device manager.
  2. Now, select the device manager which is displayed on the screen. To access the settings
  3. You will find an option named as “Mice and other pointing devices”. Right click on it
  4. And then you have to uninstall the session .
  5. And then you have to Restart your windows


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