Top 3 best portable phone battery charger.

Top 3 best portable phone battery charger .

Everyone needs a mobile phone and also what about battery?? . Yeah!! In this case we need a portable phone charger that plays a major role in it. Store the energy of your mobile and re-energize its battery. Yes you could. If we have 5000 Mah it is not at all a prob , But what about 4000 Mah and lesser?? . Yes now you can . So, Lets move to the topic about the Top 3 best power banks .

Serious time!!!

Ok then here are the top picks of our team which are the best ever products.

  1. Anker powercore 20100 power bank
  2. MAXOAK 50,000mAh POWERBANK.
  3. RAVPOWER Luster portable charger.


Anker powercore 20100 power bank.

Majorly discussing the design!! a perfect and a  cool design about to in it. Worried about shape and weight?? . Never again!! . It appears with the lesser weight and also with the massive design which makes the user have a catchy feel. Easily holds 10-14 hours of charge.

The edges are perfectly rounded. Contains the 4 LED lights which makes the user understand about the charging left in it. This would be a major possibility of getting into consideration. I recommend C type to be higher charging capacity .Charging depends upon your mobile capacity. If your mobile supports the fast charge then it would be much easier to you

Has 2 USB female sections.

So, this is the information you should know . Still left but these are the main points about it. Literally i save the time of the users who visit my site, So okay let’s move to the section 2nd power bank.



Coming to the review section. Hey wait, we are moving to the review section. You might be thinking, “What is this ?? ” Actually we are doing the review process itself. <haha> . No offense . Let’s move to the topic again.

MAXOAK 50,000 mAh Powerbank is the power bank which comes with the mAh of 50,000. Are you serious??. Yeah! it is real. This is the powerbank which comes with the 50,000 mAh . This makes it pretty cool.

It is an immense kit . It can charge laptops,tablets,mobile phones, And also runs the LCD display. What is this aryan is going mad?? . No! These are the Top epic features of this power bank.

Perfectly runs 1-3 days if it is periodically charging the component. This product is very versatile. A query about it , It is much more weighter , Yeah but it is 50,000mAh  right.

RAVPOWER Luster portable charger.

What do you think about cylindrical power banks? Are you sure ?? . Yes this power bank is shaped as the cylindrical model. An easier and compact device . About mAh is your doubt ?? . This powerbank comes with the 3,350 mAh.


This model consists of flash light too. But it gives an output of 1A . And also a defect you can’t even charge the ipad.

A hand picky product once charged and next it can charge any smartphone.


What about your review?? . My reviews are up now. A perfect solution to your variable queries about your powerbank . Three different models ha! . Okay then the article is much greater . Lets know about all the technology with aryan . Okay then let’s end the article..

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