Top 3 best security cameras ever

Top 3 best security cameras ever…

Is there any query about the security of your home or your office?? . Yep!! here is the top 3 picky cameras for you for better security of your premises . Hey! there this your aryan . Lets move to the topic.

 3 Security cameras.

  • Wyze cam pan: Budget blast security camera
  • Amcrest 4 MP UltraHD :story picky
  • Mi 360 1080 Full HD security camera: wireless picky.

Yeah! these are the top picks of our profesionals . These are reviewed as the better performers among the other cameras. All we need is a bit of third eye. That is our security camera. Security camera plays a major role in keeping an area very secure. Moving to the topic lets watch their highlights , performance, etc.

  1. Wyze cam pan : Budget blast security camera.

This camera comes with 1080p which is the pretty good option . And also have the 360 degree cover area which can caught even the bit of the edge. Have a extraordinary option i.e rotation speed you might thinking about it that what is this new rotating speed.

Yes you all caught up!!. It rotates 110 degree per second. Perfectly shots the thefting bug.



  • weight :249g
  • power cable length : 6 feet
  • ports: 1 Type – A USB , 1 micro USB
  • power: 110-240v
  • resolution:1080p.


Fastest tracking option

Tracks the moving object very fast and records the every movement of the mover.

BEST security cameras

Alexa and google assistant  inbuilt

Amazing!! perfectly amazing!! . Here is the camera which comes with alexa and google assistant inbuilt.


Comes with 6 infrared LEDs , wyze cam pan’s night vision and provides a perfect clarity recording upto 30 feet .

2.Amcrest 4 MP UltraHD :story picky

This is the camera which comes with the wifi setup. We can even watch the live with the mobile app Amcrest view mobile app. Scanning the QR code and securely watching the moments of the objects.


  • Camera resolution: 4 MP
  • Night vision : 32feet/10 meters
  • standard technology HD IP Wireless.

This is the camera which records Full hd 4 MP at 20 Frames per second . Full resolution is of 2688×1520 at 20 FPS . Even  a eye protector for us. Built with the meticulous body design. Contains 12 IR LEDs

Moves 360 to watch every cornering of the room . And also have the digital zoom function which makes much easier for watching the theft bug easy.


Have the cloud video storage which would be an option without missing the every second of the recording. And also has the security of ssl which would be a better option and unhackable.

3 Mi 360 1080 Full HD security camera: wireless picky.

Mi 360 1080 camera comes with the resolution of 1080p full definition picture quality. Anew better nightvision is taken into this camera. Which records the best quality even in nightmode.

Best security cameras


  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Focal length : 3.9mm
  • Camera angle: 110 degree

Can this camera increases the sensitivity??

Yeh! increases the sensitivity to be a bright part in the nightvision mode.

best security cameras


Alerts every movement of the object



Wifi inbuilt feature is enabled in it. This makes easier for watching the live tracking of the apparatures .

Talkback Feature (2way audio)

A perfect camera for the indoor. Keeps a unmatchable performance.

Plays the video 16X faster to make much easier tracking


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