What is punkbuster services? and can i uninstall it? [full guide]

What is punkbuster services? and can I uninstall it? [full guide]

Here we are going to know deeply about punkbuster and also about punkbuster services. And about the order, we are worried about to delete if we don’t even want it. So, let’s move further.

What is punkbuster?

Punkbuster is the anti-cheat program that is installed by some of the PC gamers…

Designing of punkbuster.

Punkbuster services are created and developed by Even Balance, Inc.

What is punkbuster services?

As we have discussed the punkbuster above, we have got an idea about what is punkbuster theoretically. Now, what is punkbuster services? You are fed up with it! But not now. Here, we go.


Punkbuster services are the services that are installed into the PC when ever the gamer install the game. These services run background. And will check the data in your memory. If you have caught that you are using some cheats to play the game, Your game will get banned for sure.

These services will get to know the gamer’s cheats and send the message to that server and will be held for the ban.

How punkbuster entered into my PC.

Punkbuster services are automated when the games which are interlinked with punkbuster are downloaded. After that, when it is the game’s use, it will connect to the services to get information that it is a dodge game or not.

Well, it is running in terms of background. Even the gamer couldn’t know about it.

Punkbuster services are safe to use?

Obviously, yes!. But at a condition that you are not cheating the gaming system.

These services don’t use many resources. So, it is safe to use


Can I uninstall punkbuster services?

Punkbuster services aren’t used for the newer games. But if you use the older versions, it will automate run. If you leave for a more extended time, it will get stopped. And after running a game which are in the punkbuster services, it will reconnect to the servers.

So, you can delete the punkbuster services without any issue.

Where to find punkbuster services.

You will find the punkbuster services in your task manager, which is named as




The gaming companies use Punkbuster because to know that the games played by the gamers are unique or not even. As to know about the cheats too


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