WhatsApp starts testing multi-device login, clearing chat,more features added.

WhatsApp starts testing multi-device login, clearing chat,more features added.

Using whatsapp??? . Yes now a days everyone are using whatsapp. Whatsapp playes a major role on the online chatting platform. And now whatsapp comes with the all new features i.e Testing multi-devices and clearing the chats and improves the search and all.


WaBetainfo has found the features testing by the latest beta versions of whatsapp in android and as well as in IOS.

This feature will give the multi  device login setup which is a better platform for the users. This would make a certain difficulty things easier. By this an operator can operate the one whatsapp platform into two by login in two devices  i.e one from the mobile and other from the macbook , laptop,PC, etc other thirdparties which contains the installation of the whatsapp.

Whatsapp new update

Whatsapp Beta still no carry about this features. But it will be available in the future updates. WABetainfo have found that  it is testing with upto 4 devices logged in at the same time.

Whatsapp update

Whatsapp will also gets the “search by date” feature . This makes the wonderful feature that we can find the date of the messages or the media send to the second party. We can easily find the date of the past messages . We can also get this update in the versions of PC .

A new feature also implemented that you can also check the storage usage feature to get the catchy information of the media which is saved in our mobile.

These are the new upcoming features of the whatsapp beta.


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