Why my discord lagging ? [easy method solved]

Yeah!! it seems that you are a good PC gamer . And there will be a common problem that you want to get solved right here!!.

Yes!! you are here because your discord is lagging when you are having an intense gaming moment. Lagging when playing a game!!! . Isn’t annoying to you? . Yes, we are raged with annoying lag. After moving with the simple steps in this post you will never search for this query.

So, lets move to the topic.

>>>>>>Hey,my discord is lagging<<<<<<

:- Never from now-:

  • At first go to settings
  • And then move to the appearance and move to Advance
  • Turn off “Developer mode” and “Hardware Acceleration”.
  • And now you have to open “Task manager”.
  • And move to details option which is in the header section
  • Right click on “Discord.exe”>> set priority>>High.
  • Set to all the “Discord.exe” files


And the final step:-

  • Move to the settings section.
  • And on the system tab
  • And move to the graphics settings
  • And browse the file “Discord.exe”. And add to the section



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