youtube music keeps pausing ! How to fix?

Yeah !! Right there. All of us are lovable to enjoy the youtube music, But here comes the error, That youtube music gets paused when we are running in the background. Here in this tutorial, we will try to fix the error of pausing the music from youtube.

youtube music keeps pausing

Youtube music pausing on android


  1. Trying to clear the data of the application. And also to be restarted
  2. Try to update the application in play store
  3. Clear the data in the background. Because some apps run with glitches
  4. Make sure that your device is compatible with the version of the application
  5. All the time, try to clear the cache
  6. Try to disable glance mode

Causes of pausing

  1. Pausing causes because of the device integrity is not compatible with the application update
  2. Many glitches of applications in your device
  3. Some devices do not allow to run background
  4. The main thing is that you are not using the premium version

Youtube music pausing on PC

Youtube music pause errors are also facing by the pc too…

To solve this, At first, you need to move to the google chrome and next move to the chrome web store section. And then, next, you have to check that “youtube nonstop” is disabled or enabled.

Due to disabling it causes pausing on pc

My best suggestion is, If you are a music lover. Make sure that you purchase the premium version of the youtube.

It will be solved even in the low-end devices. Next, there would be no pausing errors from youtube when you are in the background.


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